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NDI Popping up when called in timeline, and best uses for NDI in watchout


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Hi to all,

I've tried the NDI protocol for a recent installation the system consisted in: watchpax 4 server, and magwell sdi to ndi encoders or HDMI encoders, magwell also.

The NDI integration worked very well simple and robust. I've used a virtual display to have always the NDI input present. Then i called my virtual display with NDI in my task, i've noticed thta sometimes (quite randomly but mostly when not using a task for sometime) the NDI signal was coming in after some time when called the task. So I started the timeline with preroll and opacity 0 for 0.8 seconds and then faded in the virtual display ndi source. Is it normal? The Virtual display had always the signal in...

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First question, is the signal NDI or NDI-HX? 

Placing a NDI media object on a virtual display does not activate the NDI stream until the virtual display is active on a timeline.

If you are not using standby, the best way to keep the NDI stream active is to place the NDI media item on a standby layer of the main timeline from 0.0 time to the end of the main timeline.

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