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V4 WO not triggering playback on display PCs


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Hi Folks,

I have an old installation using Watchout 4. I had to do make a minor update to content which I successfully uploaded to the display PCs from the Production PC but when I tried to play the show, the content played on my laptop but not on the screen via the display PCs. 

I know the content updated successfully because the installation has a control PC to connect and command the Display PCs directly without a Production computer involved.

So, on the Production PC I can connect to each of the four Display PCs and when I go on-line the screens lose the Watchout logo and go to black, just as you would expect.

How can I connect with the display PCs and yet can't replay the show?

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Fairly common issue covered in the forum before. Turn off the WiFi NIC in your laptop (turn off all NICs except the WATCHOUT NIC) and your issue should disappear. After confirming this clears the issue, If you need an active non-WATCHOUT NIC, this can be accomplished by reordering the NICs in Windows.

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