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Watchout 6.2 - LTC - SMPTE audio timecode

scott britt

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So we have waited to actually start using version 6 for almost 2 years now as there has been so many concerns about audio and timecode...

All I want to do is have Watchout chase an Audio SMPTE LTC master clock and output several tracks of audio...we have been using the ECHOFIRE 8 - Firewire units with 5.2.2 Watchout forever now...

I just read in the latest 6.2.2 release notes that ASIO still does not support LTC input...So what about WASAPI??  

I'd really like to take advantage of some of the new version 6 updates...we purchased it when it first came out...

I'm even ok with purchasing a different audio unit if needed...but I feel like I need confirmation LTC input will work with whatever we go with...


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4 minutes ago, scott britt said:

... just read in the latest 6.2.2 release notes that ASIO still does not support LTC input...So what about WASAPI?? ...

Yes, it is a bit strange, but windows audio input (which can only be timecode for WATCHOUT) still requires a WDM driver.

I have successfully worked with WATCHOUT 6.2.1 systems with timecode input using a Behringer audio interface with WDM driver. I have not done it with both timecode input and multi-channel audio output, but I am told this can be done too. What i do not know, is if both can be done with a single audio interface, but I suspect this is possible as well. The trick would be how the inputs are setup in Windows as well as how the outs are defined in WATCHOUT.

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So are you talking about something like a Behringer UMC404HD which has 4 input and 4 output being a possible solution with 6.2.2??   or other specific idea of a place to start??

I know it says audio devices are too plentiful to specify which ones work or not...This is not terribly helpful when there are still issues like this...

I really would like to use 6.2.2 this year for my shows...specifically as 5.2 has always had some weird sync issues...but also there are other features of 6 I would love to take advantage of...

Thanks for your help!

Scott Britt


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Hi Scott,

I'm not sure about your particular hardware but I have an Echo Audiofire 12. This device can be configured as a 8-output WASAPI device and since WASAPI is half duplex you can also use the inputs for timecode.

For info ASIO input for TC will be a part of WATCHOUT 6.3 which will be released this summer.

In the meanwhile... In some cases we use mono mic to USB devices which uses Microsoft's USB class driver (plug & play) like this one: http://www.musictri.be/Categories/Behringer/Computer-Audio/Interfaces/MIC-2-USB/p/P0BBQ 


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Thanks Miro...

So to make sure I understand this...other than installing Watchout 6.2.2 and the Echofire drivers...is there any other software needed to use it as WASAPI device??  Is configuration done within Echofire setup or just in Watchout?

As for the cable you sent link on...you are saying you could use it for timecode input...and something like the Audiofire for output... both happening  concurrently??

I just want to make sure before I commit to using this in my next big project that I won't get bitten and have to backtrack...

Thanks for your input!


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