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Odd behavior on MIDI pull


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I've noticed odd behavior when MIDI pulls us out of order. Our whole file is being triggered by sound sending MIDI CC to Watchout. We have pause cues numbered with the numbers we are getting from the MIDI CC signal

When we jump multiple cues forward, the media that is on at every pause point between where the play bar was and where the MIDI pulls us will play for one second each. For instance, if we are between cue 10 and 11, and MIDI triggers cue 14, we will see 11 for 1 second, 12 for 1 second, 13 for 1 second, then 14 will pick up 3 seconds after the pause point / cue.

The playhead will move normally and the clips we're skipping through will be affected by whether or not there is any media playing where the playhead is. If there is no media under the playhead, the skipping media will not display.

MIDI pulling the playhead backwards in the timeline will jump directly to the cue in question

Is this all expected behavior?


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MIDI CC will not jump to a new value but use a ramp. That's why it will also trigger values on the way. The timeline is not meant to run backwards which is probably the reason why you see a different behavior going backwards.



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