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8K render method


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Hey guys, 

quick question: what’s your experience with 8K content rendering and playout. Better to use one stream in hap 4320P or quad split to 4x4K? 

Anyone knows the average bitrate of an 8K HAP file ? 

Thoughts are welcome ?

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Seems like no one has the experience you are asking for, including me. But I found this utility which may help, DXVA Checker, with features to check your graphics card which HAP will use -


This program is a tool to check about DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA), and it has the following features.
  • Check Decoder Device and Processor Device supported by GPU
  • Check DXVA decode performance and video processing performance
  • Check DXVA API call in other applications by trace log
  • Check DXVA mode supported by DirectShow decoder and Media Foundation decoder
  • Change DXVA setting in some DirectShow decoders and Media Foundation decoders


IMO, quad split 4K x 4k is probably easier on existing hardware i.e gpu and 'harddrive' capabilities. By 'harddrive' capabilities, I mean RAID multiple SSD or M.2, or bifurcated RAID M.2's on a PCIe3.0x16 add-on card like the ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Card that could potentially give your over 10GB/s Sequential Read capabilities!


Re your unanswered question on another post re M.2 being flash or SSD.

M.2 is not really flash. Flash, used by RAM, loses its 'memory' on power loss. M.2, like a hard-drive, does not. But yes, it uses 'special flash type' chips on a small naked PCB board (common is 80mm in length), or integrated in a proprietary PCIe 3.0x4 housing with heat dissipation features inside.

There are some M.2's that use the SATA 3.0 interface, so avoid those because you might as well get an SSD instead - cheaper. M.2 that does not use the SATA 3.0 interface overcomes the SATA 6Gbits/s limit by using the PCIe 2.0x2 or PCIe 3.0x4 interface (from 10Gbits/s to 32Gbits/s) . Some M.2 use the new NVM Express (NVMe) protocol (may need a driver install for older motherboards/BIOS) to take advantage of PCIe 3.0's high speed for parallel I/O operations. Some don't and just uses the PCIe 2.0 or 3.0 interface to connect via legacy AHCI with backward compatibility to legacy SATA devices and legacy older operating systems.

Some M.2 connect to the cpu direct via the DMA interface. Some connect to the cpu via the motherboard's PCH chipset (X, Z, H or B series). The ones that connect via DMA direct to the cpu are faster but the ones connected via the PCH chipset are no mean performers either if nano-second differences mean anything to you. You will find almost all motherboards these days have at least the first M.2 onboard slot nearest to the cpu's LGA slot connected direct to the cpu via DMA with additional M.2 slots connected via the PCH chipset.

Hope that helps!

Thomas Leong


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Thanks Thomas, Thanks Mike. 

Meanwhile I did a test already. Just generated some content in C4D and rendered into 8K-HAP. Resulting bitrate approx 1500 mbps. Played without any issue in stage window in production on my 2012mbp (bootcamp) and I have no doubt it will play perfect on a properly build displayserver, even multiple streams. (Am used to play numerous HAP files with a 7200x1200px framesize). 

But again, thanks for the insight, this dxva app seems useful for numerous applications. 

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I'm using 8K videos for the WorldCup shows.
Needed to upgrade the SSDs to NVMe PCI, as SATA SSD is to slow,  Im using Corsair neutron NX500 800gb.
But still decided to split in 4x 4K because Im using 2 machines to play.
Each machine is using 2 outputs @60fps on Firepro W7100, this card only makes 3x 4k@60fps.
One of the 1.8mm LED takes 4 input the other 5.
This way I get more headroom to mix backgounds and add alpha stuff on top.




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