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WATCHPAX or WATCHMAX as a production server

Jeongmok Byun

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Dear fellow,


I would like to configure WATCHOUT system for 11 or 12 display outputs.

In case of configuring Display servers for 4 outputs each, there would have three Display servers and one Production server accordingly.

But I also would like to have all four servers identical for the purpose of onsite convenience and of post sales support : all four WATCHPAX4 or all four WATCHMAX WX7100.

And here are my Qs :

  • Would a WATCHPAX4 or a WATCHMAX WX7100 also work good as a Production server as well as the dedicated Production PC or a custimozed WATCHOUT Production PC?
  • Is WATCHPAX4 or WATCHMAX WX7100 supposed to work just as Display server?


Thank you in advance.

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Guest DavidA

Dear Jeongmok Byun, 

the WATCHPAX and WATCHMAX servers are designated display servers and not intended for being used as Production Computers. If you want to discuss further options on this, please contact business@dataton.com 

Best regards, 

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  • Member

The choice of what kind of production computer might depend on if your project is permenant or temporary.

For temporary projects I tend to use a high end laptop.  For enstance I will build and run a project for a week and then pack it up for the next project.  I can use the laptop for creating and programming other temporary projects.  Spending more money on this PC makes sense due to its usefulness later.

if it’s permanent project then a mini computer like an Intel NUC might work great.   Recently I purchased an ASUS UN65U-M021M VivoMini Barebones PC and added the components that I needed for the museum project.   The computer was very impressive, powerful enough to program the project, very small footprint and it stays cool.   Now that I’m finished programming the timelines, it runs WATCHNET to schedule the the Display computers.  

If you are looking for options that have warranty and service programs through Dataton then they have production laptops and rackmounts that would fit that need.

good luck

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