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Need help Project with 18 projectors


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Dear Dataton team and forum team,

I have mapping project with 18 projectors blending (fix installation)

I intend build media server with GPU is RTX2080Ti, Watchout software.

I am not try with Watchout before (normally I used Resolume) so not sure what need to do and need how many GPU because with 18 projectors have a lot of output.

Can use with Datapath FX4 for multi display to reduce GPU output?

Hope can help me find the best solution for this.

Thanks a lot.


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On 10/3/2018 at 5:39 PM, kevin said:

Can use with Datapath FX4 for multi display to reduce GPU output?


it will lose the blending function.

suggest go for proper setup. build 3 sets of 6 output display server with professional graphic card(w9000,w9100 or wx9100). and one production server.

Especially you are new to Watchout, dont try to save too much and make shortcut.

even i tell you, you can use FX4 with manual masking(blend) to save some output.

but since Watchout will treat FX4 as one output, the geometry correction will become a mess.

you (even me) will work like hell on site.

Personally I would prefer proper setup for 3 x 6output display server & 1 production server.

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Hi Kevin

It takes a bit of hardware! The following picture is our Watchout setup for a 17 projector permanent install (although it can actually drive 18 projectors). 1 x Production Server (I like to keep one permanently installed), 3 x Display Servers with W7100's for 4 x 2K outputs each and 1 x Display Server with a W9100 for 6 x 1080p outputs. At the time, it was cheaper to build this configuration than 3 x Display Severs all with W9100's.

It will be interesting to watch Dataton's future developments in natively supporting signal splitters - with others able to drive 16 x HD outputs from a single 4RU Server (and no need for a separate Production Server), today's hardware and codec's can certainly support it and it would also save some rack space :)

Best of luck with your project.


PixALL Australia


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On 10/3/2018 at 4:39 PM, kevin said:

(Many thanks @ Alex Ramos, @Morgan Wong, @andreichleb for sharing yours experience

I very headache in this project and very lucky and happy when receiver feedback.

@andreichleb: the resolution of your project how many, i think nearly 28K x 1080, is this right? Is this OK for your configuration? And how about your spec for hardware if you can share.

Thanks a lot.


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