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Interactive Touch presentations with WO?

Michael Scheck

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Hi all! 

I am wondering if anybody has used Watchout for a typical touchscreen-presentation. Meaning a presentation where the presenter drags elements, zooms by pinching and swipes thru pages, or opens and closes flying menus etc. Or where 3D elements are rotated and scaled by touch or multitouch. Specifically it would interest me if somebody has used radartouch with Watchout to do an interactive presentation. We have a project coming up where the customer would like to have such interactivity... I´d apprciate very much if you would share some ideas or experiences in that direction . 

Kind regards,


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Hello Michael,

We already did some interactive projection with a radartouch like system.

You can have a look at some projects on our YouTube channel :



Our system is based on the same kind of hardware than radartouch. It works great to start and stop tasks, it works well to move objects (but there is no inertia), it doesn’t work with pinch and zoom because the sensor is not enough accurate…

The system integrate with Watchout so you don’t need programing skills.

Send me a message if you want more information.



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