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Hi all and Dataton crew

i have 3 display computers with Nvidia Quadro P4000

and i would like to achieve perfect sync between these

i know there is quadro sync cards

Can someone describe the whole process to make it work ?

i'm lost with preferences in watchout and features to create a working sync config in watchout


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Hi MisterK, 

you don’t have to do any settings for this in Watchout. You have to go into Nvidia control panel, advanced setting. Setup a sync master (one of the outputs) and slave all other displays and the rj45 port(s). On the next machine, use the incoming sync at the rj45 port for all displays. 

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Actually, there is one setting in WATCHOUT. After you set up the synch master in the nVidia control panel, you need to tell WATCHOUT which display is the master. In the display dialog that corresponds to the synch master, go to the advanced tab and select Use as Synchronization Chain Master.


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12 hours ago, Walter said:


thanks for this completion! 

Can you shortly elaborate on why this (imo) additional setting is required?

It tells WATCHOUT to use the timing information from the GPU instead of its normal internal clock.


Would WO otherwise overrule gpu settings? 


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