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Hi! Recently i just bought a WATCHPAX 4. I was told that WATCHPAX 4 can also be a master and also a slave PC. Currently this is my setup:

- 2x Projectors

- 1x Laptop


Right now i can run my show when i'm using my laptop (master) and WATCHPAX (slave) machine. I want to make the WATCHPAX 4 auto-start to run the show without using my laptop as a standalone machine. I just want to turn on my WATCHPAX 4 and the show will start running on it's own. Please advise how do i do it in steps. I tried to understand the startup script but i fail. Thanks!

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  1. Create your show with your production software and go online. Test that it works from your production computer. To make things easier use a cluster name and a computer name instead of an IP address.
  2. Click onto the header of your stage window, then into one of your screen rectangles and then use the "Remote Access" coomand thorugh your menu or by sending the keys Ctrl+Shift+A
  3. Your display computer should now show a smaller screen with a menu bar. Go to File>Edit Startup Script and edit the auto start script.
    All lines starting with ";" are comments only. Search for the block
    ; authenticate 1
    ; setLogoString "The show will begin shortly"
    ; delay 5000
    ; load "MyShow"
    ; wait
    ; run
    and delete all ";". Then swap "MyShow" with the name of your project without the ending ".watch". Watchout is case sensitive!
  4. Save the file and restart the WATCHPAX without the production computer being online.
  5. It should now start WATCHOUT, show the cluster name, computer name and the text "The show will begin shortly" and should then load your show and run the main timeline. If you use auxiliary timelines, you will need to use
    run "name of your timeline"   instead of just   run.

All described on pages 159 and 173 in the manual.

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