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Big led screen pixel: 15360wide 2048height, must I pre split hap video file?


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Hello  everyone,

I have a project that led size is 15360wide 2048height, I plan use one display server output 4x4K, here is out watchout machine config:

cpu Intel Core i7-5930k CPU@3.5Ghz (12CPUs) LGA 2011-v3

ram: 32G

os disk: Samsung 950 Pro 512G M.2

media disk:Intel SSD 750 Series PCIe AIC 1.2TB internal SSD

graphic card: navidia M5000  with sync card

is this machine enough strong for it? or I need use two server, each output 2x 4K and pre split hap video file?




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You build a display computer, it is solely your responsibility. Seriously, all you are going to receive in response is an educated guess with nothing to back it up. i.e. if someone says yes it will work and it doesn't, it is still your issue. The only wise method is to build it, test it, and confirm it will work with your content. Otherwise, work with a Premium Partner to arrange a demonstration of one of the Dataton built and warranted servers.


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