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help for remote control

Antonio Masero

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So that device emulates an USB computer keyboard? May not be a good choice.

WATCHOUT Display in cluster mode intentionally has no keyboard commands for operation, it can be controlled via many standard control methods -  IP, MIDI Notes, MIDI Controller, MIDI ShowControl or timecode chase. But no keyboard control. Your only choice would be to plug it into a production computer, program it to send the numeric keypad " 0 " keystroke and trigger the timeline that way. Not the most reliable method of control, as the command is sensitive to the active window, open dialogs, etc.

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9 hours ago, Antonio Masero said:

My idea is to control another pc with microcue3 and from there emit signal for specific control in watchout.
But in definitive it must run when pressing next in microcue3 to trigger play in timeline.

Well, after proper initialization of the connection (authenticate and load show), if you send the run command to a watchout display computer operating in cluster mode, it should be 100% reliable.

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On 2/24/2019 at 7:25 PM, Alex Ramos said:

If your remote controller emulates the keyboard you can use my app to Run and Kill a timeline.

I coded this some time ago to use a PerfectCue as trigger for WO.

Can be used to control Production Pc or the Cluster without Production.  

Key to WO2.rar

Thank you very much for the contribution!!

Can I change the key? other than just T or Y.
I think microcue3 is not configurable.

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