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Watchmax Drop signal without any error message

anuj gupta

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I am using watchmax 7100 for running multi layer of Led show, sometime my led screen goes black out without any watchout logo on the screen nore any error message on my production computer. I m using novastar Led processor and Display port to Display port for connectivity between watchmax and processor, at the time when led goes blank procssor also shows that the signal is coming no blinking on input button. I want to know where is the problem in server or in cable it happen with me 2 3 time and after i restart the server its come again but after some time this happen again

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How many outputs on which resolutions are you using?

Have you tried using an EDID minder in between the outputs and the LED processors.

Since WATCHOUT does not resort the displays when it goes black and you see no error message it seems that the graphic card still receives a valid EDID and actually tries to send out data. I've seen some problems with standard EDID data sets and Novastar LED processors lately though.

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Just for the record, we have had this issue on two occasions with a Watchmax W9100 (from late 2018) running the latest version of Watchout and 3  out 1920 x 1080
No error messages anywhere. Just went black in the middle of the show, and then came back up when we rebooted two times.  

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