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Datapath VisionSC-UHD2

Antonio Masero

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Hello friends!!
I have created a new pc display.

-Win LTSB 2016
-Motherboard ROG STRIX Z390-H
-Intel Core i79700K
-RAM DDR4 2x16Gb 3000MHz Corsair
-SSD Cruzial MX500 1000Gb
-NAND SSD Samsung 970PRO 512Gb

Everything works great with Tweaking Guide step by step.
We have installed 2 capture cards.

-BlackMagic Declink 8k Pro
-Datapath VisionSC-UHD2

The BlackMagic card works well (although I do not get 4 inputs, only 1 input).
The Datapath card does not seem to be configured well in watchpoint. Any ideas? Any specification to take into account?


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4 hours ago, Antonio Masero said:


-Intel Core i79700K


Max # of PCI Express Lanes: 16

Normally the GPU operates at x16. I suspected the GPU has to dumb down to 8 lanes to use any capture card at all. And even then, you are likely not providing the capture card all the lanes it needs to operate at full capacity.

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19 hours ago, Antonio Masero said:

The capture works well, I can see the inputs in Vision Windows.
The problem is that it does not appear in the "Video In" list of Watchpoint.

Vision and WATCHOUT use different drivers. vision uses a DataPath specific proprietary driver, WATCHOUT requires a universal Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM) driver. If it works with Vision and is not available in watchpoint, then it is likely a driver issue.

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Thanks for your attention jfk!!

I have verified that just by installing the card if I can see it in the list. But when rebooting or shutting down it stops appearing.
It never shows an image anyway.
It is the only driver that exists for this card in datapaht on the official website.(VisionInstall v7.19.1)

Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone use it in their displays?

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I´m waiting for my new UHD2 and I read this post...  I wrote an mail to Datapath support:

We have recently been made aware of an issue regarding the DirectShow filters not always being exposed correctly and believe that this has been resolved in the new VisionDriver released yesterday:

Please give it a try and let me know if the issue is resolved.

Please let me know If you have luck with this!


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Problem solved!
From Datapath they comment on a problem related to DirectShow filters that are not exposed correctly in the latest version of the Vision driver.
And they tell me a test:
Close the WatchPoint application. Then, in device management, you can disable the AVStream driver, then wait 5 seconds and then enable it. Then, reopen WatchPoint and see if the capture devices are working correctly. (Note: after restarting the problem will persist).
If this is successful, a patch exists so that the problem does not persist after a restart.

a greeting!!

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