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DATATON TRAX Pushbutton for starting a presentation?


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Hello again,

After you generously helped me out with my earlier MICSOFT request, I dare to ask another question:

As I said, I have a TRAX presentation controlling 12 SAV-2050 slide projectors via 3 PAX devices. Is there a simple way or device to add a pushbutton that allows a user to start the presentation with the simple push of a button? In the TRAX manual I read that the internal PAX relays can be used to switch an external device other than a slide projector on/off, but what about the other way round?

Thanks for your efforts,




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17 hours ago, HugoJ said:



You'll need a PowerLink or KeyLink to use a contact closure for your TRAX system.

The PowerLink and/or KeyLink need to be connected to a SmartPax or SmartPax QC with the right cable.

I've a few KeyLinks available for sale.

Contact me with a DM to hugo@janzen.nl



Thanks Hugo! Can the KeyLink also be connected to a PAX instead of a SMARTPAX?

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No, KEYLINK requires a SMARTPAX connection.

BTW Digital SMARTLINK can also accept switch closure input to trigger TRAX events. But like KEYLINK, Digital SMARTLINK also requires a SMARTPAX or SMARTPAX QC connection. But KEYLINK is much easier to connect. I only mention Digital SMARTLINK in case one might be on hand.

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