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Data Strings


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After some trial and error work, I have managed to set up a data string that will send a TCP-IP command over my network.

I use these cues to open and close the shutters on my projectors allowing me to program exactly when the projector is doused. I simply place the on or off cue for each projector in the main timeline and when the timeline gets to the cue, the projectors change.

What I would like to be able to do, is to open or close the projector manually. If something happens and I need to change the shutters, I would like to have a simple way to do that without affecting the main timeline.

Any thoughts?



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Hi Marty!  To expand on Morgan's response, after putting your open and close cues in Auxiliary Timelines, you could then associate the Auxiliary Timelines with MIDI inputs and use a small MIDI keyboard to fire the Auxiliary Timelines as needed.

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