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How To Test Fabric Content For Sewing

Before sewing and anything, the major thing you have to go through is the shopping of the fabric. Definitely many sewers keep one thing in mind that they must collect so many garments at one time to stock in the closet so they don’t have to shop all the time. This concept is not ideal for the sewer because you never know when you have to invest in other supplies so never create complications.

Another thing every sewer must keep the check on is the quality of the fabric and what content they are using to prepare the things. It’s not important that if you are buying cheap stuff then all the contents of that garment are approved and it won’t create problems for you once you start sewing by an easy to use sewing machine for beginners.

For more information about the best sewing machines, you can visit https://craftsselection.com AUCkCxS.gif to read the latest sewing machine reviews. Let’s go through some of the tips by which you can determine the content of the fabric and whether you should buy it or not?

1 - Burn the Fabric


So this one is quite odd but just by this way you can tell the exact difference between what fabric this is and whether the shopkeeper is speaking the truth or not? Ask them for the small piece of fabric and burn it. If the content of the garment is natural fiber then it will burn completely as well as you will get a light ash of the fabric. But if the garment is polyester then it will burn like plastic slowly melting.

Another thing you will get to see is that when you will burn the polyester then it will burn with the black smoke which must be visible to you while the natural fiber will burn right away. You can smell the plastic from the polyester while there will be no foul smell from the natural fiber. This is the proven way of testing the fabric and definitely an amazing way to understand the difference.

At the time of burning fabric, the lights must be in a direction so you can witness the whole procedure and use small pieces so there will be less smoke in the area. Also, ask the shopkeeper so you won’t be in a trouble. Ask them for the small piece like a patch you have in your home for the burning test.

2 - Hand Test


This test may require your attention and focus on the fabric. If you want to test between the cotton and the linen then you can do simply do it with the hand. Linen is a crisp fabric and we all know this by the appearance of the fabric. When you are in doubt about the garment or confused in both if you don’t have enough knowledge about the fabric then try this test.

Just scrunch the linen and you will be able to see the instant wrinkles on the garment but with the wrinkles, you can also see the spring in it. If you will do the same thing with the cotton then you can see it will not be wrinkly soon and there will be no spring in it. Normally cotton doesn’t squeak and this is the reason you won’t see wrinkles on it.

You can also determine the fabric when sewing it by using the best basic sewing machine JxKoW0u.gif for beginners and home sewers. That’s how you can differentiate between these two fabrics but you can also check this after preparing it at the time of pre-washing. Make sure that your fabric is not leaving any color in the basket as it will create problems for you in the future when you will sell or represent your project in the future to any of your clients.

3 - Wool Testing

In so many stores it may happen that you got some unmarked fabric and now you have no idea which content you are choosing for the next project and if it’s suitable for you or not? To avoid the laundry accident later in your work it’s better to test the fabric. So wool is kind of a question mark for so many people and they have no idea how to check it especially when you are a beginner.

Take a small patch of the fabric a glass bowl filled with water. Now light the matchstick and hold the fabric over the bowl and keep the matchstick close to the fabric. If it will be wool then it will immediately catch the fire and the smell will be like if you have burned someone’s hair. In this case, understand it’s a wool fabric you are using.

Another test through which you can check whether the fabric is wool or not is by using bleach and it requires patience. Take a bowl and pour bleach in it so that the fabric must completely be in it. Now leave the fabric for about 8-9 hours. After a few hours, you can see if the fabric is wool then it will be dissolved like most of the parts. But if it’s some other fabric then you can see the change in color as well as the burning sides.

Wool testing may also require focus and before you take the wool test always learn about the fabric. This you can do certain experiments with the patches in your home so for the next time you must know how the fabric will look like after the experiment and you don’t have to feel confused.


Fabric content testing is important when you don’t know about the kind of thing you have in your hand. Before you start creating anything at the sewing machine, it’s important to know what fabric you are using, how you are supposed to prepare it, and what you can make out of it? If you are also looking for the best rated sewing machines for beginner PV5yaqb.gif then don't hesitate to contact us. You will find helpful information here. Read on.

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