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Art Net Trgger of pause or play cues in Main timeline

Ben Chaisson

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I am building a large show file in WO 4.3.4

I am looking to trigger the main timeline via Artnet DMX

I am very unclear as to how this is done.

I completely understand how to trigger aux timelines via DMX or use DMX as input values but actually doing the simplest thing making the show go I do not understand.

The manual is VERY unclear.


Ben Chaisson

Projection designer


Shaw Festival

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The Main Timeline can be controlled via TCP/IP, Serial, MSC or Timecode.

Not by ArtNet/DMX or MIDI.




There are workarounds to trigger the main timeline from ArtNet/DMX - but do not do it.

Best that is going to give you is a blind Go, and latency using that type of trigger is inconsistent.

DMX is not a good choice for cues, it is a level based protocol with no direct correllation to cues.


Does the lighting board you are using support MIDI Show Control (MSC)?

MSC is a cue based protocol.

That would be the best way for a lighting board to control a WATCHOUT Timeline.

It works very well, is very consistent,

and each triggering lighting cue is matched to an exact position on the timeline,

way better than a blind go.

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