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Media servers podcast

Jacquie McHale

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Hi everyone,


Tune in for some interesting listening… In this recent podcast, Live Life host George Tucker, Mike Fahl of Dataton, Michael Bridwell of Digital Projection, Mike Postupak of Perspective and Justin Lang of PLSN discuss the dramatic changes media servers and projection geometry have had on the event staging industry.








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Nice program. Looking forward to "Watchout Academy", or whatever it is that you guys have planned. The cookbook approach that Mike spoke of is quite appealing to me, and certainly would make WO more readily "available", and desirable for more people, as well as opening up understanding of what certain WO functions are good for and can accomplish. And hopefully, it will cover some of the deeper subjects systematically, in a very "learnable" fashion. I remember the Showsage training where David Branson started with, "how you create the red rectangles", and why. Back then I really needed to hear that. Sometimes I think some trainers are trying more to impress folks with their knowledge than they are trying to make a subject understandable. And it certainly is not uncommon to start in on a manual that could have be more understandable if clear step by step instruction was included, and a clear understanding of what those steps would accomplish.


One thing that really came home for me after having heard the program was the opportunities available, and fully appreciating that WO is, for the most part, only limited by one's imagination and willingness to work hard to acquire skills that are readily available, such as After Effects, Photoshop, etc.


Geez, it sounds like I'm doing a Watchout commercial.


Anyway, thanks for posting Jacquie. I have a much better feel for where I am as respects this field of endeavor.

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