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I think there is no such thing as the best hardware or the best windows version. For example, most people in the forum say that the ltsb and ltsc versions are stable.but in my opinion win 10 pro is  stable  and same situation for wx7100 driver most people say 2017 q4 driver is the best but for me its not.what i mean if you have time for testing system so build your own server. otherwise  i advise watchmax or watchpax 

cpu:i9 7920x

mobo:asus sage ws x299

ram:8x4 corsair ram

ssd:500 gb samsung 970 evo plus for dataton

ssd :500 gb samsung 860 pro for OS

graphics card:wx7100 

I have built this system  two years ago i tried win ltsb and didnt work i tried ltsc didnt work after ten days  i made it with win 10 pro.

every user has different experience with hardware and OS.

as i sad before if you have time build your own  server otherwise buy watchmax or watchpax



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