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3rd Party Utility To Control System Master Volume

Eddy  Yanto

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I've had a few installations in the past few months using WatchPax40 and custom-built machines that required master volume control. In WatchOut control protocol, there doesn't exist yet any command that allow you to adjust the system master volume level.

The closest you get to achieve volume adjustment is to define an input variable and attach that input to the video's or audio's volume tweening function (or through DMX). And then, you'll get to adjust the level using "setInput" command. In a show that contain dozens of video or audio files, tweening the same variable to the input can be a bit of an extra work.

I've written a utility that I called Remote App for my projects — it allows amongst other things, adjustment to the system wide volume level (1 to 100%) and mute/unmute through network command in a simple to understand protocol.

What the Remote App does is listen to TCP port 7000 and wait for volume commands. Example commands below:

  • volume 60<CR> //set system volume to 60%
  • volume ?<CR> //query system volume, the command will respond with volume=60
  • volume mute<CR> //mute system volume
  • volume unmute<CR> //unmute system volume

The download to the utility and guide are:

At the moment, upon running, the utility will be in 10 mins demo mode. Happy to provide free permanent activation if anyone is interested.

Here's the demo video of the utility in use.

Best regards,



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Olá Cristiano,

Você pode baixar o utilitário e o guia em:

O RemoteApp será executado por 10 minutos inativado. Se você precisar executá-lo permanentemente, basta me informar o ID do hardware e enviarei o código de licença.

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