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14 hours ago, Rinuusllc said:

the wo production software freezes in standby how to fix this wo 6.5


Not a lot of information there. 

Your screen shot shows offline, but not in Standby,

please provide more information on the circumstances preceding the “freeze” and describe what you mean by “freeze”?

Guess 1 Had a customer whose production server would worked flawlessly in editing and cue to cue run through, but would freeze during a show when waiting in pause for the point in the live presenters script to trigger the next cue. Turns out the run throughs never paused as long as the real shows, and a prolonged pause convinced Windows that a period of inactivity is occurring and low priority background tasks would kick-in, crashing WATCHOUT. Of course, a properly prepared server has those things disabled. ie improperly prepared Windows system Problem: improperly prepared production server  Solution: Clean install of Windows and required drivers, run the tuning list completely and correctly.


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