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Audio not looping correctly with Dante Display output


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Hi guys,

I have a player outputting Dante (a stereo file) and the audio loops (which are correct loops) do not loop correctly in Watchout. 
There is a cut, a blank space of audio at the loop point.

Windows 10
Watchout 6.6.5
We have a dedicated Vlan for Dante with separate network cards.
Latest DVS software going to a Bose DSP to Bose Amps all in Dante.
DVS in Asio, using 16x16

Also there are some audio files that are in Free running but that stop with digital distortion when I pause the timeline. 

But the main issue now is the looping issue.
Any fixes for this?

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8 hours ago, PierreLucB said:

Hmm maybe it is. Do you use a short file and create crossfade between them in the long timeline? If not how are you doing them?

In that case the easiest would be to ask the sound designer to create a longer then needed file.

In our case, the video files are looping fine but not the audio.

Well, when the audio is not looping you will have to stack them on two tracks with a fading overlap. Make on track, then copy it, place it and then copy the two… You might want to add a temporary play cues for easier „snapping“ of the fade-points. Remove those when done.

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