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Hello Watchout community family,

Hope you are all doing well.

i would like to input 8 signals hd coming from the same PC and same graphic card.

I am planning to take 2 x watchpax 40 and use 8 ndi newtek spark to input the signal.

What do you think ? any suggestions of another way to input the 8 signals ?


Mounir Harbaoui



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Well, you should be aware of the bandwidth of NDI signals. https://support.newtek.com/hc/en-us/articles/217662708-NDI-Network-Bandwidth

In NDI networks, senders and receivers need to be counted. I.e. 8 senders sending 1080p60 to 8 receivers will need around 2.000-2.500 Mbps bandwidth in your network.

If you go down to NDI-HX (more latency, higher compression), you'll cut this roughly by 1/10th.

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Hi RBeddig, thank alot for your reply...it s very clear.. my output is coming from the same graphic card (1pc) and the information doesn t looks so heavy as it is for coming from an sql database so only TEXT and black background .........i might do some testing .. in case i have issue i will connect it directly to my LED PROCESSOR in DVI and use the HDMI input for watchpax for the other contents....


Dear Wiesemann, YES same time .




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2 hours ago, mouniroo said:

 an sql database so only TEXT and black background .........

If it's rather static, you could also give the "Computer Screen" media a try. It's basically VNC and will probably give you not more than 12-15fps.

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