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large Quicktime


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I have a large QT (29Gig) that I need to stretch across four screen. Is that file size to large for Watchout?

No it is not to large in terms of its storage size.

The file size does not really matter, as it is streamed during playback.

It will play, question is, will it play smoothly?


The files output resolution matters very much,

the files encoding matters very much,

as both determine how much is streamed per frame,

how hard the decoding processors must work,

and how many frames per second.


(Avoid 24 fps whenever possible, convert it to

29.97, 30, 59.94 or 60 fps before using it in WATCHOUT).


If you are trying to output one 7680 x 1080 at 60p or 3840 x 2160 file at 60p,

your computer choice and its proper tuning

along with the software variables above will determine if it runs smoothy or not.

Should be possible with extreme hardware like the sample system at the top of this forum.

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Thanks fro the quick response. Of course the QT i'm given is 23.98p. You would recommend using Sorenson Squeeze or something equivalent to convert to 59.94 w/ pulldown? the footage was shot with the RED. The file is 4200 X 950 pixels using Apple ProRes codec.

You can try the 23.98p, the display output is still 60p,

so WATCHOUT has to do the 60p w/pulldown conversion on the fly, adding to the load.

The 24 fps complaints are typically related to motion artifacts.


Apple ProRes is a heavy processor load codec, you may find it will work,

may not – computer has a big impact there.

In general, Apple QuickTime makes poor use of Windows multi-threading,

under-performing in comparison to codecs that are native to Windows.


As for the conversion and Sorenson Squeeze,

I hear both good and bad reports on Sorenson.

I will leave it to others to assist you on that front.


If ProRes won't run smoothly, try h.264 and covert to 30p w/ pulldown in the process.

A leisure time conversion of frame rate during encoding

is likely to provide better results than a real time conversion during playback.


Also, h.264 is one of two Quicktime exception codecs in WATCHOUT.

It is not decoded with Apple's Quicktime decoder,

a Main Concept mpeg4 decoder (installed by WATCHOUT 4.2+) is used instead.

The Main Concept decoder makes better use of Windows multi-threading,

improving the performance of h.264 playback.

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