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Using Watchnet to control Watchout from a command from the internet

Gar Benedick

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Greetings! And thank you for any assistance in advance!

Here is what I am looking to do. I have a Watchout sequence playing in a permanent location.  When someone scans a QR code, they will be taken to a website on the internet.  On the website, they can choose between 6 different buttons.  When they tap a button, it sends a command via the internet to the Watchnet and the Watchnet tells Watchout to run the appropriate auxiliary timeline. 

Has anyone done anything like this or has an idea how to accomplish this task? I have an idea it may be very straight forward, however, I just learned about Watchnet and I am just getting up to speed and any assistance would be very helpful!

Thank you!

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Hi Gar, i think what your asking can be done.  For instance I built a controlling web page in Watchnet that a museum uses through a tablet to control all the WO computers. The web page is in a closed system meaning you have to be on the network as the Watchnet computer. All you would have to do is make the control web page accessible to the outside world.  Call me if you want to discuss.

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I don't think WATCHNET can do this, since there's no incoming API endpoints of this kind there AFAIK. I do know that PIXILAB Blocks can handle this, though, and it has full control capabilities for WATCHOUT. Blocks could even act as the web server for providing those six buttons through the internet, if so desired. Or use an external web server, connecting to an API end point in Blocks.

Another option, if Blocks is too much for what you need here, would be to have a VPN connection between the web server and the network where WATCHOUT lives, and then make the web server use the regular WATCHOUT control protocol commands through that VPN tunnel. How to do so depends on the web server being used and how the VPN is configured.



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Thank you both for your input!  

Mindopera, Thank you for your input!  I may try to reach out to you on this, however, we are still considering our options and what will actually happen in the end.

Mike, thank you for your input!  We are looking at Pixilabs gear as an option.

I will certainly reach out to both of you at the appropriate time.

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