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AfterCodecs For Exporting from Ae and AME

Neil Stratton

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Hi all - just found this great tool, AfterCodecs plugin, which allows HAP and many other encoding flavours from After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder, using ffmpeg.I have tried the trial version, and I like the fact I can encode HAP chunks in AME, and there are a plethora of user options. Just wanted to share this find with fellow users and ask if anyone else is using it?

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Personally I tend to do chunks around half the amount of cores or maybe 1 or 2 more, I havent seens too much of a difference when doing this. More important to know how many cores you have in your display servers or if your show may be travling and not using the same gear to make sure it wouldnt need to be rerendered if it ends up on display machines with less cores.

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