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Auxiliary Timeline

Neil Stratton

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Neil, if your video is not loading from the aux timeline, it may be because you haven't given the system enough "head's up" on the video. Because aux timelines are considered "wild cues" or "on the fly", the system cannot pre-cache or anticipate you cueing it. My standard procedure (and has worked for me plenty of times) is to provide a little pre-roll at the head of the timeline, then have the actual video cue's time base start at about 1s into the timeline. Also, I ALWAYS add a control cue in my aux timeline to kill itself - at the appropriate point in the aux timeline. That way, I simply continue to advance the aux timeline up until the point that I don't need it, and then it kills itself.

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Thanks for that Justin-I have a 200ms lead in before the video plays but will increase that to 1 s to see if that helps. I have played it maybe 30 times so far but this morning was the first time it didnt play-well when I say it didnt play what actually happened was only one display played.

At that point I was looking for my coat and car keys!

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Can anyone advise whether I am better to press stop before pressing play on an auxiliary timeline triggering video?...

Yes, that is a good idea.

Unlike the main timeline, which has no stop state,

Auxiliary timelines have three states - Stop, Pause, and Play.


Stop is a dormant state, no media is pre-loaded.

Pause is an active state, pre-loading media for immediate response.

Play is an active state (obviously) and acts like a timeline play.


As JJ notes, going directly from Stop to Play on an Auxiliary timeline takes some time to load up.


So yes, pressing stop before pressing play will toggle the Auxiliary timeline to pause,

essentially pre-cuing the timeline for more immediate response to Play.

(When both Stop and Play buttons in the task window are not highlighted, the aux timeline is in pause).

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