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Watchpak 60 dissappears from network list when connecting multiple display outputs!?


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I have a very strange issue. Have a Watchpak 60 connected to cisco switch. 3 projectors via Displayport-hdmi contacts, then HDMI extenders, to projectors.
Yesterday everything worked fine, but today Watchout doesnt see the watchpak on the network. I can ping it in CMD however and it responds. 
If I dosconnect DP output 2 & 3 and only have 1 in, then the watchpak shows up in watchout after a few seconds.
How is this connected? I don't understand why DP outputs has anytning to do with the network?
I once made a "hold-power-button" shutdown on the watchpax. can that have messed up some settings? Shall i maybe reset the watchpax?

Regards, Philip, Sweden

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Apart from the fact that I haven't seen this myself and can't test it in my office, the two main questions are:

Which WATCHOUT version are you using?

What happens if you try to go online using computer name and cluster name (if this has been set up already)?

Adding extra displays when the WATCHPAX is on and running will mostly lead to loosing the connection for a little while. WATCHPOINT detects a display reconfiguration and will try to settle it. Using the power button to power it down and up again should not do any harm. Have done this quite often myself.

What happens if you power the WATCHPAX down, then connect all needed displays and then power it up again?

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Thank you for your response.
Turned out that it was a EDID/extender-problem that caused the Watchpax not to show up in the network list.
The projectors asked for 4k resolution, and watchout was set to 1920x1080 on the display outputs. The extenders doesn't support 4k, and the result was that
the "negotiation" between projectors and watchpax was retrying all the time, so the little "loosing the connection for a while" just kept going.
So the solution was to manually set 2K EDID in the projectors, and everything was fine.
Thank you!


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