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how to use blackmagic webpresenter with watchout?


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WATCHOUT is not generating that message, Windows is sending that message. When Windows generates an error, WATCHOUT passes it along so that WATCHOUT may remain in the foreground. (Otherwise WATCHOUT would need to step aside and allow Windows to take control). This is done to attempt to keep WATCHOUT running past operating system errors.

Anyway … 




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Probably the best way to find out whether your web presenter can work with WATCHOUT is to connect it to a production computer first. Open a new project and go to the preferences and here to the "Video IN" tab. Then try to find it in the drop-down menu under Device 1. If it appears here without the installation of a driver you can create a Live media cue and point this to device 1 and the correct resolution. Enable "Stage Video: Live Preview" and drag the cue into your timeline. You should now see the output of your streamer in the stage window.

If this works fine, you can try to do the same with your display server. You'll need to assign a video input ID on the server as well. Ctrl+W will shrink WATCHPOINT and give you access to the menu to define the video inputs.

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