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watchout dns server not responding and watchout cannot go online...

federico cristobal

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On 2/7/2022 at 11:37 AM, federico cristobal said:

thanks for riplying sir,

were using watchout player....

i try to ping the ip address it is unreachable plus at the back of the player the signal is orange meaning it is not responding?

it also showing the license key not found...

I repeat …

[quote]What version of WATCHOUT? What type of WATCHOUT Display server?[/quote]

WATCHOUT Player is still not specific enough.

i.e. there is a known incompatibility between old Dataton WATCHPAX (tn 3360) and Dataton WATCHPAX 2 (tn 3362) and the newest updates of WATCHOUT (v6.6.7+). It is remedied by a factory update to the old unit’s disc image.

From WATCHOUT 6.7 Release Notes ...

Known issues and limitations

  • Before updating Dataton WATCHPAX (product number: 3360 ) or WATCHPAX 2 (product number: 3362) media players to WATCHOUT version 6.6.7 or 6.7, please ensure that the unit’s hardware image version is version r23 or higher for WATCHPAX, and r33 or higher for WATCHPAX 2. If the image version is older, the unit will stop working and a “license key not found” error will be shown after the WATCHOUT version is updated. 

    For more information on how to update the hardware image, please contact your local partner or Dataton.
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  • Dataton Partner

To investigate this issue, I'd suggest that you first try the WATCHOUT license key on another computer, e.g. the production computer. If you connect it to the production computer you can use the built-in license manager to check whether it sees the license key.

Regarding the network, the network port should indicate a proper connection if you connect it through a working and tested network cable to a network switch. This will happen even if WATCHOUT is not running or the key doesn't get detected. If the network port can connect to the switch it will indicate so. It wouldn't be the first case where a cheap network cable is malfunctioning and rendering an expensive system useless.

Besides this, you should state which WATCHOUT version you're using and whether the server was built by DATATON (WATCHPAX, WATCHMAX), a premium partner or whether it is a custom server built by other companies.

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