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Watchout 6 - "Connection Lost"


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I just upgraded to version 6, WO display become black(no WO logo for long seconds and suddenlly back) and there is an error message on very specific action.

From Display "Display 3" of Stage Tier "Base" of StageList of Stage, 2022-03-20 00:44:27
Network error; Display computer: Connection Lost

*while it happened - there is a ping between the machines.
*The test media is an old file that was played on the old hardware(mp4/wmv 720P).
* Double check

All tweaks  was made by the user guide.

1 . when I am j"jumpimg" with mouse from one video to another.
2. When the que key jump back to the "Time Position" which is the starting point of the video - "loop".

The specs are:


Intel Core i7 11700
DDR4 32G 3600 CLI18 Corsair
Win 10 Pro
AMD WX-9100 - There are 6 projectors connected with mini-dp->hdmi 1920*1080



Intel Core i5 9400





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I have the same problem after I upgrade from version 6.5 to newest version. I get the problem when I edit the show (add a new layer or a new task), not when I play the show. Sometimes the display crash and I need to restart it.
I noticed that if I stop task with live input inside, I don't get the error.

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On 3/21/2022 at 3:01 AM, RBeddig said:

What do the log files say? Those in the folder logs inside the WATCHOUT folder and the Windows log files for applications at least?

{ "date" : "2022-03-17", "time" : "18:05:57:894", "severity" : "error", "message" : "Unknown style flag wxHSCROLL" },

{ "date" : "2022-03-20", "time" : "0:02:18:228", "severity" : "error", "message" : "Unknown style flag wxVSCROLL" }

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