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Composition causing connection loss to display computer?


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Hey everyone,

I have been working on the same television show for the last 4 years using the same project that I set up in the beginning. I have it set up to just drag and drop new media for the day on the prefabricated timeline. As of last week, a composition that I made seems to be giving me an error when I play it out. the error is as follows:

From Display "Monitor LEFT" of Stage Tier "base" of StageList of Stage, *Current date*

Network error; Display computer: Connection lost

I made the composition by duplicating one that already worked and dragged the new logo over the old one (keyable logo on one layer animated .mp4 background on layer underneath) 

Things I have tried:

  • Refreshing all media
  • Made sure no tweens are on the media (in case the media spans more than one display)
  • Deleting composition from the timeline and then deleting it all together
  • Recreating composition from scratch (not from duplicate)

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for looking

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Sounds like you are also using Live Update. The error message typically means WATCHOUT Display has crashed. Since the only thing that has changed is the new .mp4 file, that is what i would suspect is the cause.

For the purpose of diagnosis, first, simplify things. Turn off Live Update and stay offline. Drag the suspect .mp4 into the media window. If that works, put the movie as a cue in an empty aux timeline. play the movie in production preview. If that still works, try to go online with Live Update disabled. Then play the movie on display. If all that works, then we will look at things other than the media.


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Thank you for your reply!

I greatly appreciate the breakdown and I will be sure to try your steps for diagnosis

I should have mentioned that Live Update is off. In earlier versions of the software it was crashing my project all the time so I haven't used it since. 

I did just realize that the media in the composition is set to "free running" and "looping" AS WELL AS the composition itself. Could that be a culprit?

Thanks again!

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