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Help needed on controlling a Barco Switcher Controller through Watchout


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Happy to Join all you experts on this forum. This is Snaido Davis. I am a little new to using Watchout. I would like to know about controlling a switcher controller (Barco Screenpro HD2 Controller) which is connected to a hub via CAT6 to which my watchout pcs are also connected.


I have assigned the presets to say 6 buttons on my switcher controller. How do I call them or activate them from watchout? I presume that i should be adding a string output through TCP to the ip address of the switcher controller. Please advise me on the port number and the Data that I should pass to the switcher to activate my switcher preset.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi Snaido,


This a Barco question, no?

In order to send something to the Barco Screenpro HD2 Controller, you'll need

the protocol of commands, ports etc, for that device. I could not find it in their User manual.

But it might be included here:


It's called "ScreenPRO II External Control Protocol Rev 1.00.pdf"


Then you create a String output over TCP/IP in WATCHOUT, maybe put it on an Auxiliary Timeline.



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This is the protocol document you searched for, I think.

The same pdf is present in the most recent installer. (available after installation)





ScreenPRO-II - v01.22.00.00

Release notes (Read carefully before installing this software)



A ScreenPRO II / PresenationPRO II Keypress GUI has been included with this software release.

Using this application, a computer can connect to either product via Ethernet and perform simple input selection actions.

All input, output and system setup functions are performed from the Front Panel and are not accessible from the GUI.


A keypress command has been added to the ScreenPRO II protocol. This command allows a remote control application emulate usage of the front panel.

See "ScreenPRO II External Control Protocol Rev 1.00.pdf" included with this bundle for more information.



When SDI inputs were set as "External" route mode via the ScreenPRO II Controller, the input connector routed to a layer would not be remembered after a power cycle. This issue has been addressed in this release.


Corrected an issue in which the Frame Grab menu would go blank after performing a frame grab save.


Added the following Output Resolutions:




EOC Output Resolution support now includes:






Version: v01.22.00.00

Release date: woensdag, 02 april 2008




ScreenPRO II External Control Protocol Rev 1.00.pdf

26-0407000-00 Rev B, ScreenPRO-II User Guide.pdf

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Problem solved?


I control a Image Pro to save Vista System Layers (small 344 with 4 Layers)


My solution there:


String Output: TCP with right IP and Port


Data to send:

RTE IN 4 (will shwo captured Logo)


Clear and Easy withe the Manual! Controlling the Spyder is more work ;-)


Greetinx from Munich


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