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Sound icon preview window - Bug or feature?


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When playing a sample from the production pc in Watchout 5 (running W7 SP1) I need to keep the sound icon visible in the preview window at all times. Whenever I scroll in the preview window during playback of a show and the sound icon of the sample isn't visible anymore, the sound simply will stop. I can't recall having this issue in previous versions. Tell me, is this a bug or a (too be honest, annoying) feature?

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Just tested this in version 4.3

When you create a new project, add a wave file to the media window, drag the wave file somewhere on the stage window and then press play, you'll hear the audio on the production machine. During playback, when you move the horizontal or vertical slider of the stage window so that the icon is outside the stage area, you still hear the audio.


I'm pretty sure that this behaviour was also in older versions of Watchout. In Watchout version 5 the audio indeed stops, as soon as the icon of the sound media file is outside the stage window. Also when you zoom in the stage window. This is pretty tricky during show playback.


Kinds regards





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What if you accidentally scroll the stage window before the show.... and then when you start the show.....oops no audio... or when most of the sound icons are visible, but the programmer accidentally placed one of the icons somewhere outside the stage window and during the show... the shows starts with music, after the music the video with a important speech is visible but.... oops no audio with the speech.


While programming a show you want to scale the stage window to make some fine tuning (positioning small media elements) and see / listen if the timing is correct. Then it's very annoying when there is no audio.


But even during a show I sometimes scroll and scale the stage window so that I've more space on my desktop for the timeline, input, task en status windows.



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Hi all,


This has been confirmed as a problem, will be rectified in an upcoming release.


It appears to affect only sound out from the Production software, the Display software still plays sound as normal.


Just for clarification, if an Sound icon is moved outside the Display, in the Stage Window, but are still visible.

there will be no sound played by the Display software, but it is still played by the Production software.



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As just a little historical note, when I first began doing Watchout shows, on my very first show where we had only 1 week to learn the software and put the show together, the one problem I had was "no sound". Retested all my audio equipment multiple times and finally, in desperation, contacted a quite prominent ShowSage person (whose name I won't mention for fear he'll get calls night and day). Anyway, he told me to simply move the audio icon to within the display (red rectangles) in the Stage window, and run the audio off the display computers.


Problem solved. That one sticks with me.

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