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Frame jumping issue with Watchout rendering NDI contents from Unity

jim fang

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Hi, I have an issue to solve until the end of this week.

I using Unity 2019.2.16f1 to build a windows standalone project, which contains KlakNDI plugin that version is 0.2.4:


I capture 2 NDI contents by using Render texture mode with 2 render textures, while both use the same resolutions in 6168 x 3188.

When I try to render NDI contents via Watchout 6.7, it turns out that projection doing frame jumping bug: sometimes NDI contents will suddenly appear some contents from the first few frames in a period time, like example I provided in the picture.

How can I solve this problem? Can anyone providing some suggestions to help me fix? Thank you!!


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Since you're software which this forum doesn't cover, the first test would be to check the behavior of your WATCHOUT display server when sending NDI over a known hardware encoder or the NDI scan converter. Run a video on a second computer and check that the signal is smooth in WATCHOUT.

Once you've verified that WATCHOUT reads NDI data correctly, you'll need to investigate what your NDI software does and whether the odd resolution might add to the problem.

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