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Questions VisionRGB-E2S Capture Card

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I have a Questions about VisionRGB-E2S Capture Card,    I would like to receive capture the Cam(Sony NEX-VG30H) source 1080p 60fps, I expect to come out 1080p 60fps


I tested the results Noise occurs. 1080p 30fps output to be??







California air tools 10020c

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Did you set video timing to 1080 @60 Hz in WATCHOUT Live media options ? also try changing deinterlacing from none to best quality  , furthermore check if your display computer monitor setting the capture card to 60 Hz not 59 ...  if problem still persist make sure you are using the latest driver from 2019

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I'm not sure but this older model from Datapath was initially produced to capture computer signals, not really camera signals. Cameras often use different colour spaces etc.

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