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trouble with multiwav, WO5, direct show error message


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i have a six track multiwav that works perfectly well on a WO4, windows XP 32 bits.


when i try to use this multiwav file on a WO5/win7 32bist and 64 bits, i have this error message when i put the file on the stage and timeline :

" from sound "/C:/multiwav/salle1.wav" of media list, 2012-06-27 10:41:13

operating system error: 614; DirectShow media error



can you please help, a trouble with windows?


thanx very much, it is a bit urgent!!!



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yes, machines are tweaked, windows media center off.


i forgot to say it was with a MOTU 896HD.

i just tried with a MOTU ultra lite MK3, and the problem is the same.


i also saw another thread that says it was motu drivers problem.....



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I believe there behavior of multi-channel audio has changed for the MOTU under Win7 compared to XP. It worked fine in XP, but this unit seems to no longer work fur multi-channel under Win7. There are some other multi channel audio playback devices that work fine under Win7. Perhaps JME can chime in here, as he made some specific tests a while ago for multi channel audio.

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