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Hap choppy after 20 seconds


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Hi we are getting smooth playback for 20 seconds and after that playback gets choppy. Does anybody has any idea where this would come from?

our specs are:

Asus Z370-A
intel Core i7-8700k
AMD Radeon Pro WX9100
SSD 250gb os
Media drive ASUS PCIE NVME

Thanks in advance!

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Cooling of the media drive could be an issue. When M.2 SSD get hot they throttle down. Also check whether you have turned off everything that is related to throttling down the cpu when the load is low. SpeedStep etc. HAP does not give much load and the computer might feel that it is in idle mode. You can test this by adding a H.264 in the background. This will keep the cpu more busy and the computer will not step down.

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I had the same problem and it turned out to be the SpeedStep problem.

I built a server with robust server components (Xeon E5-1650, Supermicro X10SRM-F-O Mobo, 16 GB Kingston 2666 Server Premium ECC DRAM, Samsung 970 Pro M.2 SSD for OS and Intel DC P 3700 NVME Enterprise SSD with WO installed and for content, AMD WX 7100 GPU, Win 10 Enterprise LTSC OS, WO 6.5 and ample power and cooling etc.) all was fine with this setup.

Then Mobo died on me during 72 hour test due to a manufacturing error. I sent it back for a replacement. I had to built a temporary server for meeting the delivery deadline.

I built a consumer grade server with select components with very high performance (Z390 top spec mobo, i7 9800K CPU, 16 DDR4 2666 RAM, and the rest of the components above with no O/C). This freezing, chopped replay etc. started to occur.

I have disabled the EIST in the BIOS and all is well now. Using the latest AMD drivers.

I am running 4 HAPQ 4K streams simultaneously and no problems whatsoever.

One final note; Initially, I had installed Quicktime and additional HAP Codec pack upon some jerk's recommendation, which turned out to be wrong. I quickly discovered that WO was probably struggling between built-in and external codecs. Uninstalled both QT and extra codecs and now HAPQ content is playing just fine.

Hope this helps.

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