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Questions related to performance and reliability:

Curtis Hutchins

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Hi All,


How important is it to partition the drive separating the system software from the WATCHOUT software? Is this a big concern for stability?


What is a reasonable average run time for a WATCHOUT display computer running version 5.2?


Has there been any correlation between Eyefinity Power requirements and system crashes?


I have 6 Identical Shuttle Computers, i7, WIN.7 32bit with SSD hard drives, 4GB Ram, EyeFinity cards, etc. All set up the same way at the same time based on the recommendations I found within this forum minus the partition recommendation... Most seem to run for 4- 9 days before some kind of issue.


I would like to get this average higher..



Thanks for your advice!



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Hi Curtis,


From my point of view I do not think the partition will affect. Can you tell me how many outputs are you using form your Eyefinity cards and what kind of cables or connections are you using.


Can you describe the "kind of issue".


Normally the issues with Multihead output is that at some point it looses the EDID communication between the graphic card and the device. Then WATCHOUT does not understand that until windows re communicate with the devices and restart again.





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I can do up to 3 with my cards but for these test I am only using 1 screen output and I am running 4 videos, wmv mov at 720 p and 1080p resolutions. The display is set to 1080p


I'm thinking the power supply's are not delivering enough peak power. The Eyefinity card calls for 400 Watts or greater. the shuttles are a bit anemic.


The kind of issues I am experiencing.


- Blue screens or system lock up. This is after a 2-4 days.

- Occasional watchdog screen coming forwards while Watchpoint is running in the background.


The system error log just indicates Kernel Failure.

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Blue screens and kernel failures are the results of hardware errors or possibly buggy drivers. It can never be caused by application errors. I suggest you move your WATCHOUT software to a known good hardware, to verify proper operation. Then bring the results back to your computer vendor to determine why their computers misbehave.



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