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ProjectionCalc: Softedge Calculation and Testpattern Tool


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Thanks Tobi,


I'll give it a try when back in office. Noticed a .jar files : for which platform is this?

But if not manually (since then I'm sure it's correct and I'll have a better grasp of the setup, as oppose to automised) I tend to use one of the smartphone apps Projectionist or WScreenPro. The last one provides media server settings with offset in the watchout colors. Perhaps coincidental or not..?? ;-)


Have you tried those yourself?

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A .jar file is an executable Java file, just like an exe but made with Java. So you need to install Java Runtime Environment.

For the projectioncalc there is no installation required, just starting and should run.

It should also run under Mac and Linux but I have not tried so far.


Sadly I do not know the tools you mentioned. What I was always missing is a tool that generates testpattern that work well for softedge setups. I hope this one does :-).


Let me know if you have ideas to improve.

Right now there is only horizontal softedge possible :-).




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Nice work Tobi.


You might need to spell-check some... :)

Enclosed an image, an update to Java was needed on my Win 7 32-bit.

Does not work on my MacOSX 10.7.4 (Lion), though.


Links to the useful tools, mentioned above, for reference:







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You may want to recompile the app targeting JRE 1.6, since many Macs don't support 1.7 (which I believe is what you're targeting). I curently get the following error on my Mac:



Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: impl/Starter : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0



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my name is Guillaume Coulaud and i'm developer of WScreenPro, 


if you want more information about WScreenPro, please contact me by mail.


i working on android version of this app.


If you want a pattern Generator (iOS) you can find it on iTunes store (mire generator).





My English is poor, I'm french, sorry ^ ^ .



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