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Reloading / Replacing Video File Causes Crash in 5.2


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I am having problems replacing footage files in the bin -- I double click on the file name in the bin, and browse to a new clip, then watchout periodically vanishes and reappears a few times before crashing altogether. This only occurs with certain clips, usually longer clips, but not all long clips.


I can import the new clips into the bin manually by dragging them in, but my thumbnail icon shows only the unconnected film strip leader image. If I double click on that, watchout launches quicktime player and can play the source footage -- but internally it cannot 'see' it. It does not appear to be a codec issue, since it has no trouble playing other clips of the same codec.


I'm stumped. Thanks in advance for any advice.



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If you have this problem with a particular video file, I suggest you send a small sample of such a file to support@dataton.se for investigation. My guess is that you have some sort of codec conflict. Do you know what's in the file (container format and codecs used)?



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