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MacMini and VNC


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Does anyone know how to configure a MacMini (osx 10.7.4) for vnc ("Computer screen) access in Watchout?


I've managed to use osx built in function to aquire the image, but it wants me to login as the current user, which is not possible thru Watchout.

I need watchout to auto login to the mac.

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I've used the built in screen sharing from MacOS X to pipe its screen image into a WATCHOUT Remote Computer media item. You need to set up for VNC access, with a VNC password (I believe this is an additional setting in the screen sharing control panel). Also, there's a bug in Apple's VNC implementation that stops it from working unless you capture the entire desktop of the Mac. I.e, you can't capture just a portion of the display, or the main display only (if there are multiple displays connected).



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could you please tell us more about your settings : 

- do you use the computer's IP or the file sharing IP (provided on file sharing control panel) ?

- How do you specify your file sharing login in watchout ?

- should I change the screen number to 1 ?


thanks for your answer


Benoit Pitaud / Xavier Boyer

Lyon opera House

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