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New server error Dissapared/connection lost

David Laser

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Hi everyone.
I built a new media server with this configuration

Asus WS299 pro
Intel i7
Radeo Pro WX9100
Windows Enterprise LTSC 2019

I followed all the tweaking list to optimize watchtout.
Used both 21Q4 drivers

Immediately after the optimization I created a test project, inserted a small video inside and went online.
The loading bar activates and freezes immediately without giving any more progress.
After a few minutes the error message Dissapared and also connection lost come out.
The connection is stable, tried with another producer but the problem is not solved.

Very strange thing when I connect the keyboard to the server and press the windows key the loading bar advances immediately loading all the contents and it works perfectly.

Loading new contents I start the update and the progress bar freezes! I press the windows key again on server and the contents are loaded...!

I also tried with the older 17Q4.1 drivers but the problem doesn't change.

Has anyone had this problem? Do you have any advice for me?


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 we are using the asus sage x299 graphics card wx7100 2019 LTSC, I also had the same problem.in general, it was happening in alpha videos.what's more interesting is that when I applied the same tweak to the dell T-5820 server (rtx a4000), it worked perfectly.

Adjunct Prefetch: OFF

Hardware Prefetcher:the OFF Try these settings from bios and it will probably be fine..i solved it this way

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