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Watchout and 4K HDR


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watchout can only play 8 bits and no more ,unfortunately...

while demands for playing 10 or 12 bits files is now increasing exponential.

i asked a long time ago but i've been answered it will means to rewrite watchout entirely.

if need to play this kind of file i use hardware player (ex: kipro 4k) or if more than 4k

other capable 10-12  bits playing software.

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8 hours ago, MISTERK said:

watchout can only play 8 bits and no more ,unfortunately...

Essentially correct. It would be more correct to say ...

        watchout can only output 8 bits and no more ,unfortunately...

i.e. In some cases it can play movies with higher bit depths, but those will be reduced to 8 bit for output.

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