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not enough storage is available to complete this operation


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I had the following error Message


-not enough storage is available to complete this operation-


I got 2 identical computer display , win 64 , intel i7 2600k 3.5ghz, 8 gb ram , ssd 250g 20% full

and one of them is giving me a error


where should I start to look ??


I have seen this occur a few times when the customer installed VNC on the computer.

(WATCHOUT already installs VNC).

Simply uninstalling the second VNC copy was not enough to correct,

as the second VNC install mucked with WATCHOUT VNC registry settings

and the uninstall does not put the WATCHOUT settings back.

Fortunately they were using Show Sage WATCHOUT computers,

so a simple Acronis restore of the original tuned and tested installation cured the issue.

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