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Rebuilding a computer for Watchout


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I am new to watchout and will be starting to use WO pretty soon in my Rental Company in Holland.



I already made a mediaserver myself and was wondering what are the best upgrade suggestions.


The situation for now will be:

2 outputs to 2 Barco CLM HD6 projectors.

1 capture hdmi for powerpoint

1 capture Composite Video



My server contains:


Motherboard: asrock x58 deluxe

Processor: Intel core i7 950@ 3.07Ghz

RAM: 8gb ram

Graphic card: club3d radeon hd6870 eyefinity 6 with active adapters

HD: 1x 250 GB 72200rpm



installing 2 intensity pro cards for the capture

changing hardisk into 120 GB SSD


will these changes be enough to use Watchout.


Thanks in advance


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The configuration looks ok, but if you already have 6 outputs graphic card then build better pc


Proc: i7 3930k

Motherboard: gigabyte or asus x79 (I use ga-x79-ud3)

Memory: 8 gb is good enough

Hard drive: 2*120gb ssd (I use ocz vertex 3 120gb)

Water cooling for proc (h100 from corsair is beast)

Some more decent inputs card (datapath or/and decklink duo or extreme)



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  • Dataton Partner


Specs seem ok, but note : amount of ram isn't as important as the ram configuration (dual / triple channel) and CAS latency. Also, for playing several hd streams, you really want to use 2 x ssd in a striped raid config! Also the good remark from geogen about the capture cards, you really want to go hi end on this. It's all about using the right components for optimal (and stable) results.

Compare costs of a well tuned high end WO system (at least 4 to 5K with class A components and 2 high end capturecards) to a decent 3chips projector. In that perspective, you don't wanna cut your budget here, do you? (Even compared to the inferior budget projectors like clm hd6). Once customed to all watchout's great features and capabilities, you'll want to go all the way with the system!! Last thing you want is being held back by the weakest link in your hardware config.


You're welcome to have a look at our systems in Amsterdam, perhaps you could match systems and we can crossrent to expand setups with similar systems ;-)



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