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Watchout7 install procedure?

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The safest approach is to first perform the Windows tweaking for version 6 and then add / update / confirm the technologies specific to  WATCHOUT 7 - Vulcan 1.3, OpenGL 4.4, DirectX 11, Webview 2 and up to date Windows Defender.

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Thanks for responding!

I am having a specific issue with the producer not being able to open because of an error regarding WebView2.  The error says that my version is too old and I need at least version 123.xxxx.  I confimred that I have version 125.xxxx installed, so that should suffice as being newer that the expected version.  Any suggestions specific to that?  Thanks!

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Yes, Im fairly sure.  I have attached an image with the error from attempting to open Producer on top of my programs list.  I manually installed the WebView2 after I got the error the first time.  Oddly enough, immediatley after I installed WebView2, Producer did open, but after I closed it and attempted to open it again, I got the error message again.  


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Similar problem:  I've been an inactive Watchout user for some time now, but now I want to do a show.  My keys are updated to Version 7, so I downloaded Watchout 7 onto my Production computer. But after checking to be sure I meet the minimum requirements, and the items jfk mentions, namely "Vulcan 1.3, OpenGL 4.4, DirectX 11, Webview 2 and up to date Windows Defender", Producer still will not open.  Firewall lists all Dataton items as exceptions, so it seems like Producer should open.

Do I need to install Watchout 6 first?  Something else?

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fyi from the WATCHOUT 7 Users Guide https://docs.dataton.com/appendices/server.html



  • Are you using the latest graphics driver?
  • Are you using an up to date webview2?
  • Have you installed Media Feature Pack (for N and KN versions of Windows 10)?


On your display nodes you will benefit from:

  • Running as few programs as possible.
  • Turning off notifaction and popup programs.
  • Turning off explorer (taskkill /im explorer.exe /f).
  • Setting the priority of visual renderer (from task manager, or when starting or using wmic).


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