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I am doing a show coming up that I will be using WO4.5. I will be using 4 display computers and a production computer. The production computer and the one display computer will be in the balcony of the of the theatre. The other three display computers will be on stage, about 150' from the production computer, feeding three projectors. I was wondering if I could use two swithces in line to get the signal to the four display computers. I would come out of the production computer and hit a switch that would hit the display computer in the balconey and then out of that switch I would send a single cat 5 to the stage where I would hit another switch and feed the three display computers on stage. My question is would I have to run seperate cat 5 cables from the switch in the balcony to each display computer on stage? Or can I just run the one cat 5 to the stage and hit a switch there to send to each display computer on stage?



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I can't think of a reason why you should run 3 cables. As long as you use unmanaged switches, you can daisy chain them as much as you want. I would recommend a proper 1Gbps configuration though. (At least for pushing the show to the displays). Once that's in place, running the show should present no problem, even on a 100Mbps line.

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