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with just 1 Dongle

John Doe

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If you're doing say an install project with Watchout, you can drive the display via IP control. This is done by firstly enabling TCP/IP control in the settings of the production machine.

There is a good detailed writeup in the back of the manual of all the different commands you can send.

You can then connect to the display (when production is offline) using Telnet and send a command along the lines of: "load *NameOfShowFile* true true" (Check the manual for the exact wording).


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On 8/29/2019 at 3:40 PM, John Doe said:

Hey Guys,

Is it possible after I have programmed the show on the display computer to remove the dongle of the production computer and the show continues anyway?



Bad idea. The removed USB License  will take approximately two to five minutes before its absence will force production offline. At that point, the system loses its timing master.  (i.e. Dataton provides a grace period if a key is momentarily removed).

As Callum correctly suggests, moving the timing master to a display computer by invoking cluster mode will allow playback without production. Just remember, if the show is already loaded by production, you must still send a valid load command from IP.  load is the only command that moves the timing master. It establishes the display computer executing the load as the new cluster master. If you do not do this after an online production session, IP cluster commands will not be relayed to the other display computers in the system among other potential anomalies.



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